Tuesday, November 22, 2005
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  • The SMTP OCX is a an Advanced Active-X Control which integrates RAS and SMTP mail protocols into one easy to manage solution.

    The SMTP OCX allows you to send Email via any RFC compliant SMTP server and now also via ESMTP servers using LOGIN authentication. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is one of the Internets standard technologies for sending email it allows you to send email quickly and simply without clogging up your internet connection / bandwidth.

    The SMTP OCX supports Multiple file attachments which it correctly Base64 encodes for maximum encryption/compression and security when transmitting.

    The SMTP OCX Also supports Straight Text or HTML messages compatible with most Email clients.

    The RAS aspects of the SMTP OCX control allow you to manage, enumerate or dial any connection(s) installed on the end user/your computer.

    SMTP OCX Feature List:

    • Embedded Image support when using HTML messages
    • Authentication via Pop3, LOGIN (ESMTP) and custom methods.
    • An extensive list of properties, methods and events allowing full control of your email.
    • .Mail properties for setting Mail properties.
    • .SMTP properties for setting Server details.
    • Full Email properties (To, Cc, From, Subject, Message, Priority).
    • Straight Text or Full HTML sending Interface.
    • Multiple To, CC lists..
    • Multiple Attachments (any size, any type).
    • Full SMTP Server properties (Server Name, Time Out).
    • Advanced Error Processing and Reporting.
    • Advanced Event System allowing direct Event reaction and Response to common actions such as Mail sending/failure and connection/disconnection.
    • Automated Dialing (connect to the end users default RAS/DUN connection to send emails),
    • Automated Internet Detection (Dial only if an existing connection is not present),
    • Automated Connection Termination (Hang Up dialled connections once email has been sent),
    • Connect directly to the RAS/DUN system to enumerate, edit and add any Entry,
    • Dial or Disconnect any DUN/RAS Entry.

    Features added in version 2.4 - 2.5:

    • Support for ESMTP Server Authentication.
    • Added the SMTPAuthType property, allowing you to select standard/anonymous or POP3 Authentication or AUTH.
    • Added the SMTPUserName and SMTPPassword properties for use with Auth Type.
    • Added the SMTPLastLog property (a full debug property listing all MAIL commands and the order they happened).
    • Added the OnCustomRequest event, which is triggered when AuthCustom is set.
    • Added a new SMTP Server Details property page which allows you to configure these new settings in a Design environment.
    • Switched to using an external DLL component for quicker BASE64 encoding.

    Features added in version 2.3.2:

    • Pop3 Verification Support - SMTP OCX can now authenticate your account with your pop3 server. This will enable non Mail Relay compliant SMTP servers to be used by the control.
    • Added the PopServer, PopUsername and PopPassword properties - For configuring the Pop server details.
    • Added OnPopFailed, OnPopSuccess events to confirm that your pop verification was completed correctly.
    • MailBCC - Allows you to specify Blind Carbon Copy recipients.

    Features added in version 2.3.0:

    • Improved large attachment processing,
    • Direct Attachment content-type processing - All attachments are now verified against the Registry content type and attached accordingly. This allows for better previews in compliant email browsers.
    • MailCharset property - Allows you to use independant Character Sets for transmitting emails.
    • HangupConnection2 method - Allows you to hangup any connection with one line of code.
    • RasDialledConnection property - Tells you the last dialled internet connection. Can be used in conjunction with
    • Some minor bugs fixed and additional speed enhancements made.

    The unregistered version of SMTP OCX allows you complete control of the RAS system and Email Sending, however all emails sent via an unregistered SMTP OCX will included a Footer statement relating to the unregistered status of the control (the control also appears Red in your design environment).

    Once the SMTP OCX has been registered this message is removed and the control appears black in the design environment.

    Two Demonstration projects are available for Download..

    Demonstration 1 shows you how to send emails using a simple demonstration VB project.
    Demonstration 2 shows you how to communicate with RAS/DUN using another VB project.

    You can also purchase the source code for SMTP OCX which is an unlimited license (no user registrictions).

    Wednesday, August 03, 2005: Full Download.1.36mb
    Full Download includes a Demonstration VB Project
    Monday, June 02, 2003: Demo 2 (Dial Up Networking)4kb
    Shows you how to use the Dial Up Networking aspect of this Control.
    All orders are conducted via third party vendors using secure servers. Several payment methods are available. If this product requires a registration code please allow 12hrs for code delivery.
    All orders are conducted via third party vendors using secure servers. Several payment methods are available. If this product requires a registration code please allow 12hrs for code delivery.
    Version: 2.6.0
    OS: 95/98/NT/2000/XP
    Price: $19.95
    Author: Daniel Paull
    Source Code Price: $174.99