Wednesday, November 23, 2005
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  • Q: Why should a Clipboard Utility be bound to just the Clipboard?
    A: It doesn`t have to be.

    After two years of releasing ground breaking Clippy enhancements I decided it was time that Clippy had a serious overhaul which is why Clippy 2001 now has the following features:
  • Open Images, RTF Files, Icons, Text, HTML,

  • Edit Images, RTF Files, Icons, Text, HTML,

  • Save Images, RTF Files, Icons, Text, HTML.

  • Load Information from your Email Inbox.

  • Full Margin/Page setup support using dimensions specified in CM, Inches or Pixels.

  • Print Preview Support for Images and Text using Accurate screen resizing and scaling.

  • Send Information via Email as compressed or uncompressed data or file attachments.

  • Send Messages and Information across the internet or via your Network using the Direct Clippy to Clippy sending features (previously supported via Clippy Server but now built into Clippy 2001)
  • .
  • New Add-In technology allowing Visual Basic programmers to design there own Clippy 2001 enhancments or to use some of the already developed Add-Ins such as Clippy Encyrption, Multi-Lingual Support.

  • Support for Multiple Languages using addins which translate the Clippy 2001 menu structure.

  • Supports English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese translations.

  • Capturing Features to make sure you never accidentally clear your clipboard (capture to printer, email, new windor or files)

  • Full Search and Replace.
    Conversion tools for converting from text and RTF to True HTML preserving formatting.

  • Full Font formatting capabilities.

  • Spell Checking now supported using built in and downloadable Dictionaries (9 dictionaries currently available for different languages).

  • HTML Syntax Highlighting.

  • Extra Text tools including Reverse, Upper Case, Lower Case.

  • Built in Short Term Clipboard storage for 10 independant Clipboards.

  • Advanced Drawing Features and Tools that provide extreme power when required.

  • As you can see these are just some of the great features that now reside in Clippy 2001, I have made extensive modifications to certain areas including Image editing. Image Editing now includes the following tools:

  • Standard Drawing Tools including Lines, Shapes, Text.

  • Power ToolsPicture, Black and White, Greyscale, Buttonize, Inversion and Cropping Tools which can be used to selectively modify any part of an image.

  • Fill Tools allow you to modify the entire image these include Merge, Greyscale, Inversion, Tile.

  • Transaprency supported and built in.
  • There are of course other great features that you will need to download Clippy 2001 to try out.

    Its happened i`ve finally released Clippy 2001. We have had a two week period of purely fixing bugs and now its finally ready for download.
    Click on the link below to download Clippy 2001 and change your life for ever!

    Monday, June 02, 2003: Download3.5mb
    The full install of Clippy 2001 including help files, add-ins and extras.
    Version: 2.0.5
    OS: 95/98/NT/2000
    Price: Freeware
    Author: Daniel Paull