Friday, November 18, 2005
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  • Whats New in 2003 (2.5.6)

    New Features
    Localise Richy 2003 to your end users by including one of the default Richy Localization language files (or to write custom files). Allow your end users the choice to view buttons/captions and menus in the following languages:
    • French
    • Italian
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Portugese
    • Danish (partial only)
    • Richy now includes an optional built in Ruler component, to allow you or your end users to customise your margins at run time and to view your paper dimensions.
    • Insert tables and customise them via code (limited functionality) using built in function

    New Methods

    • .ShowTable - Shows the table insertion toolbar button.
    • InsertTable() - Inserts a table at the current location.
    • GetTableRowCount() - Returns the number of rows in your document.
    • GetTableRowRTF() - Returns the rtf behind a row in a table.
    • GetTableCell() - Retrieve a table cell.
    • SetTableCell() - Update/Modify a table cell to new values.
    • GetFirstVisible() - Returns the first visible line.
    • GotoLine() - Goes to a specified line number.
    • GetWordOver() - Retrieves the word that is located at the specified x,y coords. Ideal for use with the MouseMove events of Richy.
    • GetTotalLines() - Returns the total number of lines in the text box.
    • GetCurrentLine() - Returns the current line number in the active selection.
    • GetColumnIndex() - Returns the column number in the active selection.

    New Properties

    • TextHTML - Returns/Sets the html representation of the contained RTF and text data.
    • RichyNumberingStart - Returns/Sets the number at which you wish to begin numbering.

    Bugs Fixed in 2003:

    • Fixed an issue with Richy.Find not returning valid information
    • Fixed an issue with Spellcheck not checking the last word of a loaded file.
    • Fixed a speed bug on the Print Preview feature.
    • Fixed a speed related bug that would affect large documents or documents with embedded objects. The speed should now be super wizzy fast.

    Additional Features:

    Over 28 buttons (also accessible via code) including:
    • Open Button.
    • New Button
    • Save Button
    • Insert Button
    • Print Preview
    • Undo / Redo Button
    • Spellcheck
    • Find/ Replace (Once registered).
    • Cut/Copy/Paste.
    • Bold/Italic/Underline/Bullet/Strikethru/Subscript/Superscript
    • Font Dialog/ Color and Alignment, Wordwrap buttons
    • Button page navigation using the optional navigation bar (now docks seamlessly with the main bar)
    • Add custom buttons to Richy in Design mode via a property page or at runtime via code
    • The ability to Load HTML and Save HTML files
    • Easy color tools to highlight words or phrases
    • The ability to Convert RTF to HTML and HTML to RTF - 50% Accurate
    • New Toolbar control that allows greater customisation including Transparency
    • Multiple state button images supporting Masks
    • Transparent Features
    • More events to let you control Richy, More functions
    • Direct calling Events to trigger built in toolbar features
    • Richy Listbox and Combo box control features and Styles
    New Custom design pages to let you fully customise Richy without having to use code (although all of the features are accessible from code as well).

    Richy also has direct data binding making it ever more attractive to Database developers, fully supports Microsoft Access Embedding.
    Properties and other features accessible in Microsoft Access.
    Direct Handles to the Toolbar, Rich Text Box and Combo Box controls.

    The Richy 2003 product is Shareware there are now NO restrictions on this version, it will however become severely disabled after 3 weeks if the product has not been registered.

    To register this product you can use the Register link, below.

    Sunday, November 02, 2003: Full install of Richy 20032.5mb
    Full install of Richy 2003
    Monday, June 02, 2003: Richy 2002 Samples250kb
    A sample Visual Basic source Project, with compiled executable for non-vb users. Showing you some of the advanced features together with styles.
    All orders are conducted via third party vendors using secure servers. Several payment methods are available. If this product requires a registration code please allow 12hrs for code delivery.
    Version: 2.5.6
    OS: 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
    Price: $19.95
    Author: Daniel Paull