Friday, November 18, 2005
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  • ODBC Remote Manager is a superb web based application which allows individuals or hosting companies to access ODBC connections remotely.

    ODBC Manager user an advanced security system to allow multiple users to connect to a server to configure acessible DSN`s. Administrators can assign individual or group DSN`s to specific users and specify the level of access they are allowed on that DSN.

    ODBC Manager gives you the following general features:

    • Add New, configure existing or delete existing DSN connections

    • Repair and Compact (Access Databases only) remotely

    • View Data within any table of a DSN remotely

    • Update rows or delete rows in any table remotely.

    • Execute SQL commands directly against the Database or create custom views/queries remotely.

    ODBC Manager has a fully secure multiple layer security system which allows administrators to configure the specific level of access a user should have against a DSN.

    • User DSN Security - Configure the dsn`s a user should have access to

    • User DSN Actions - Configure the actions a user can perform against a DSN.

    • User Object Security - Configure the objects a user can access in each DSN for even further security

    • General Security - Configure the level of access a user has in ODBC Manager.

    ODBC Manager allows you direct access to your data using an easy to use row based system.
    Individual rows can be edited and saved, or deleted.

    This tool also allows you to remotely repair and compact Microsoft Access databases. I personally use Access databases for a lot of my web based systems and i find that they tend to grow considerably in size i have to constantly download the database and perform a repair and compact on it so that it shrinks to a more manageable size, well with this tool i no longer have to. Also any day to day management tasks and data pruning can be conducted using the SQL executor and some DELETE statements.

    ODBC Remote manager is completely un-restricted for 10days after which time you will need to buy a license(s) to continue using it or delete it if you no longer wish to continue.

    Monday, June 02, 2003: Download90kb
    The full odbcmanager application (no setup), includes 10day trial license and instructions.
    All orders are conducted via third party vendors using secure servers. Several payment methods are available. If this product requires a registration code please allow 12hrs for code delivery.
    Version: 2.2.0
    OS: 98/NT/2000
    Price: $50.00
    Author: Daniel Paull