Friday, November 18, 2005
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  • vb Development Tools is an advanced Rapid Application Development tool for use with Visual Basic.

    The vbDT features the following advanced tools:
    HTML and Compiled HTML Documentation building tools (New) - Quickly create programming, training or even user documentation.

    Automatic Code Indentation (New) - Now you can fully and correctly indent your code at the click of a button. Indented code is a lot easier to read and follow than un-indented code.

    Line Numbering and Removal (New) - You can now add line numbers att the click of a button and still maintain properly indented code. Alternatively you can use this tool to remove line numbers.

    QuickCompile - One stop application compilation via a single button no messy dialog boxes or prompts to get through.

    Error Trapping - Quickly build single function, or entire project error trapping.

    Error Trap Removal - Quickly remove vbDT created error trapping from a single procedure or entire project.

    Tabby - A simple method for re-organising the tab order of controls in an easy interface.

    Renamer - The best and easiest way to standardise all of your projects with a naming convention.

    Documentation Tools
    The vbDT suite now features some excellent tools to create many different types of HTML and Compiled HTML documentation from any of your VB projects, whether it be a training manual, user guide, programmers manual . The tool automatically generates the code and then lets you modify each page in a Rich Text environment, or compile using one click. To create compiled HTML you need to download and install the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.


    Your project can be compiled into an executable, dll, ocx from one click of a button, no longer do you need to use the vb compilation dialog box to specify where to compile. No longer do you need to click yes to repetitive message boxes just to get your application compiled.

    Error Trapping

    No visual basic project is complete without error trapping, 3 buttons built into the vbDT toolbar give you instant access to powerful error trapping routines.
    Error trapped applications perform better than non-error trapped applications and also prevent the application from physically crashing/stopping if an error is encountered.

    The error trapping code can be customised to include your own error message via the vbDT option box.


    Via two buttons on the vbDT toolbar you can instantly and effectively apply correct tab ordering to your forms.
    Forms can have the correct and logical tab order applied to them simply by clicking through the form in the way you intend your user to.


    Standard naming conventions are perhaps one of the most important aspects of proper development coding. Naming conventions can be used by anyone and as long as you standardly use the same conventions across all your projects you will find it easier to develop as well as allowing most other programmers the ability to instantly understand your project.
    Activated by a simple button on the toolbar you can automatically rename all of the controls on your form to the correctly named version.
    The vbDT tool also allows you to add new standards and customise existing standards.


    All of the vbDT features can be accessed instantly via the toolbar, and allow instant and immediate results.

    With the QuickCompile tool alone hours can be shaved off compilation times.

    Projects can be error trapped with ease using the Error trapping features.
    Properly tab processed forms can be setup instantly.

    Properly named controls allow instant accessibilty to your source code.
    Also included is an extraction tool to save all of the Visual Basic/VBA button images, these can then be previewed and later used in any of your applications or the unique image number can be noted and used in your add-ins.

    N.B. Some screenshots may appear different to the actual tool

    Monday, June 02, 2003: Full Download2.1mb
    The full download of vbDT including some documentation.
    All orders are conducted via third party vendors using secure servers. Several payment methods are available. If this product requires a registration code please allow 12hrs for code delivery.
    Version: 2.0.1
    OS: 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP
    Price: $19.95
    Author: Daniel Paull